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Wondering if the HPV Vaccine is Right for You or Your Daughter?

Please find below answers to some of the most common questions we receive from Raleigh women about the HPV vaccine:

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is a widespread virus and is the most common sexually transmitted infection (STI). The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 79 million people in the U.S. had this virus. There are many different types of HPV; some cause no harm. Others can cause diseases of the genital area. For most people, the virus goes away on its own. When the virus does not go away, it can develop into cervical cancer, precancerous lesions, or warts of the vagina, vulva, anus and cervix depending on the HPV type. The immunization helps protect against four types of HPV.

The CDC estimated that nearly all sexually active people contract HPV during their lifetime. Many people who have HPV may not show any signs or symptoms. This means that they can pass on the virus to others without even being aware of it.

All girls and boys at ages 11 or 12 should receive the HPV vaccine. Anyone who is ages 13 through 26, and did not get or complete the vaccine earlier, should discuss getting it now. Pre-teens should complete the 3 doses long before their first sexual contact, so that they have time to develop protection. Also, at this age, their immune response creates better protection than an older teen would develop.

The HPV vaccine is given in three (3) shots over six (6) months. After the first injection, you will get a second dose two months later and the third dose six months after the first dose.

The most commonly reported side effects are swelling, pain, itching and redness at the injection site as well as fainting. If you have further questions about the HPV vaccine, please contact your Wilkerson OBGYN provider or you may visit the CDC website. If you are interested in receiving this vaccine, please call our office at (919) 571-1040 to schedule your appointment.


“I LOVE this place! I had a different doctor office for my first son and they were terrible. I would get an appointment and wait over an hour. Here at Wilkerson I would get there and would go back immediately. They are very professional. Dr. Matthews and Dr. Flanagan are awesome! I had such a great pregnancy with my second son at this Dr. office. I would highly recommend them to other ladies looking for a great family friendly ob gyn! Rex Hospital is fantastic too!!!”

Heather F.

“I have been seeing the doctors at Wilkerson OBGYN for over 12 years. I delivered my two children with their doctors over the years. I have not had anything but wonderful experiences with their office. The front desk staff, the nurses, and the doctors are always helpful and courteous. I can call with questions for the advice nurse and am always called back quickly and with the answers to my questions. I refer my own patients to their practice and will continue to do so due to their excellent care that I have received.”

Alisha D.

“I absolutely love Wilkerson! I’ve been to several doctors, though spent more time with Drs. Flanagan and Matthews. Couldn’t think more highly of both of them! A great practice!!!”

Mary W.

“I have had both my children with Wilkerson. Everyone there is always very kind and accommodating! So much so that I always miss not going after having my babies! The facilities are easy to access and always have ample parking! I love that it is right next to Rex hospital! Dr. Mong is my favorite doctor. Very smart and caring! Everyone is great!”

Jessica H.

“I absolutely love this practice! Everyone is so nice and knowledgeable from the receptionist up front to the doctors! I never feel rushed and they always happy to answer any questions. They respond quickly to questions through their patient portal. Their phlebotomist is awesome! I hate needles and she is so friendly and talks to you to keep your mind off things! Truly an amazing practice!”

Maria H.

“The office staff and nurses at Wilkerson OBGYN are always pleasant and professional. Dr. Roche is the most kind, caring, humble, and timely doctor that I have ever met! I highly recommend this practice and her as a provider!”

Crystal C.

“I have been with this fantastic group of doctors since I was pregnant in 2006. The staff is very caring, professional and understanding.”

Sasha W.
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