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COVID-19 Update

August 27, 2021

To all of our patients,

We are happy to announce that our transition back to normal from COVID-19 has been a slow but successful journey. We could have never done this without you, our wonderful staff and dedicated doctors.

Over the last year we have continued to follow all safety protocols, wear masks, social distance and recently received our COVID-19 vaccines. We have made this our priority because your safety is our #1 priority!

As our community moves towards opening up, we will still ask that you continue to wear a mask to all appointments, DO NOT bring visitors or children (unless authorized), and stay home if you have any COVID-19 related symptoms. Feel free to call our office if you are unsure about coming in for any reason, we are here to help!

We have made ONE EXCEPTION to the above protocol. Our OB patients can bring a partner/spouse to their 18-20 week anatomy ultrasound appointment. These visitors MUST also follow the protocol above and wait outside our office until they are called back by our clinical staff. If you have any other unique circumstances or questions please call our office ahead of time to inquire.

Thanks again for your continued support over the past year. We look forward to serving you for many years to come.


Note: All patient admissions to Rex Hospital will be tested for COVID-19.

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